Member Discounts

Want to provide a discount to your members? Here's how:

Membership has its privileges. We offer a 10% discount to members. Just enter your membership number here and add it to your cart to get 10% off all items you order.

[Do not use without a valid number. It will cause your order to be delayed or rejected.]

Enter Your Membership Number:

<form action="" method=POST>
	<INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="item" VALUE="s-8882^=discount=^Member #^10">
	<br>Enter Your Membership Number:<input type=text name=op1> <input align="center" type="image" border="0" name="add" src="/images/addtocart.gif"  />

This is, of course, a barebones example. You'll want to "dress it up" a bit, but hopefully you get the idea. The example is much more demonstrative with an item in the cart. Visit Wayne's Widget World and add an item to the cart to see the discount at work.

Give them a text box for entering their membership number. If you just want to give the 10 % to anyone who clicks "add to cart", leave the text box out. The description that you put in (currently "Member #") is what will show in the cart display, and in the final order you receive. It could be "Your discount" also.

The tag used in this example is:

<input type="hidden" name="item" value="s-8882^=discount=^Member #^10">

The =discount= will give a percent off the subtotal, with the percent being 10% in this example. You could also use =discountflat= to give a set dollar amount discount or coupon. The 10 with that tag would represent $10.00 off. Note that the cart will not allow the item subtotal to go below zero. We don't want to pay people for ordering!

If you wanted to put all the items at your site on sale, rather than directing them to a specific discount page, just have the discount button be part of the cart display:

There is a section in the cart config form for "merchant message" (advanced section). Put the discount tags in there like this:

<a href=""> Click here</a> to enable our limited time special 10% off discount.

Make it nice and bold as a promotion should be. Note that we had to replace the ^ character with %5E and the = character with %3D. This is to conform to URL encoding standards when talking to the cart via text link.

The discount, when activated, will discount EVERYTHING on your site. If you have some items that you don't want to have discounted, you can mark them accordingly with the special =DF= tag.
Old widget code:
<input type=hidden name=item value="s-8882^wid1^Wacky Widget^10.00^1">

New widget code that will exempt it from discount:
<input type=hidden name=item value="s-8882^=DF=wid1^Wacky Widget^10.00^1">

This page might also be a good candidate for:
<input type="hidden" name="ignore_referer" value="">

This tag will prevent the "continue shopping" button of the cart display from returning people to this page. Rather, it will choose the last product page from which an item was added.

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