Package Deals

If you add several items to the cart as a group or package deal using multi-item submission, you don't want shoppers to be able to remove an item from the group by using the increase/decrease/remove line item function in the cart display. After visiting the below page and adding our "special package deal" to the cart, try to remove one of the three items and you'll see what we're doing here.

We are running a special this week. If you act now, you can buy our Gold Widget for a special price of $15.95, and get a free complete instruction guide and leather case at the unheard of price of $2.50.

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="item_1" value="s-8882^=NA=widgeta^Widget A in gold^15.95^1^2.00^.35^ea.^1.2^" />
<input type="hidden" name="item_2" value="s-8882^=NA==SF=widg_instr^Widget A Instructions^0^1" />
<input type="hidden" name="item_3" value="s-8882^=NA==SF=widg_case^Widget A Leather case^2.50^1" />
<!--When you change the item var, be sure not to mess up the field count.
If you leave a field blank, don't take out the field separator!
The ^ character is the field separator.-->
<input align="center" type="image" border="0" name="add" src="/images/addtocart.gif" />

If you want to be able to offer a quantity select box for this so the shopper can buy more than one group at a time, you must use the special variable op99 to do so. op99 will apply the same quantity to all items in the group you are submitting.

This method also works very well in conjunction with the UPS calculator and our unique ability to calculate shipping for separate boxes. Use the =SHIPSEP= tag for this. (See the UPS shipping FAQ for more info).

If you don't want the items that are part of the package, but included in the price of the "main" item, we can set your cart to display another string like "included" instead of "free". Write to us if you need this.

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