Requiring Shoppers to View a Page Before Checkout

(for example, to select state for tax calculation or to agree to policies)

If you charge Sales Tax in more than one state, you need to get the shopper to select their state so tax can be calculated. This demo illustrates how to do that. You can use the "forced visit" for any number of things, like a policy statement that people must read and agree to, or an "over 18" statement.

States listed in the select box below are those we must charge sales tax for. Please select your state if present.

If your state is not listed, you won't pay sales tax. In that case, choose "My state, province or country is not listed".

s e l e c t   t a x   z o n e

c l i c k   a   b u t t o n

This page template addresses how to handle multi-state sales tax issues. Copy this page to on your site. Remove states you don't charge tax in and this explanatory code.

If you charge tax in a single state, don't use this method. Instead, just enter your state name and % charge into the account configuration form.

Make sure you include the:

<input type=hidden name=info1clear value=1>

inside the form for the force visit or people won't be able to checkout. That hidden var tells the cart they've visited and submitted the form on the page to clear the "force". It is in the source code for this tax example also.

Below are the settings you should make in the Americart Account Configuration form to use this method. If using this method for doing sales tax, LEAVE THE REGULAR SALES TAX SECTION OF THE CONFIGURATION FORM BLANK!


Here are some advanced configuration options. (You can safely ignore this section.)

CUSTOM "IMPORTANT ORDER INFORMATION" message:   If you want Americart to display a custom message in the informational section (lower right) of the cart display, enter it below.

FORCE VISIT TO A LINK BEFORE ALLOWING CHECKOUT:    A good use of the above option is to include a page link in the message. The checkbox below will force the shopper to visit the page and make a selection there. (Ex. force customers to agree to your policies, or select a sales tax state.) Note: This is documented on the "Force a Visit to select Sales Tax Zone before Checkout" example page.

Customer Must visit above link before checking out.

To take the shopper straight to the page at checkout via redirect, enter the URL of the page they must visit here.

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