Electronic Delivery Selling Software, Images, etc.

If you wish to sell an image, an on-line report, a midi file, or anything that can be accessed via URL, Americart now provides support for direct delivery of this URL to your customer 24hrs. a day without them having to wait. Here is a sample page, along with instructions and links to the set-up form for "soft delivery".

We are now featuring our specially prepared report, "The Secret of the Widget", painstakingly prepared with all the information you'll ever need about widgets. As a preview, we tell you:
  • How the widget can be fabricated for up to 35% less money.
  • How you can make money fast in the international widget trade.
  • How many widgets a widgetchuck can chuck if a widgetchuck can chuck widgets.
Order this document now for only $5.95 and receive its URL via browser and email!

<form action="http://www.cartserver.com/sc/cart.cgi" method=POST>
	<INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="item" VALUE="s-8882^=elec==SF=widsecrets^The Secret of the Widget^5.95^1">
	<!--Notice the =elec= in the part number field. When Americart sees that,
	it will search your uploaded database for a matching partnumber, widsecrets
	in this case. -->
	<input align="center" type="image" border="0" name="add" src="/images/addtocart.gif"  />

This page illustrates how to use the Americart System to sell "soft" items. These are typically URLs, but can be anything really. You can set up your database for these items by using the upload tool. There's alot more information on that page about how your crossreference file should be formed, and also some valuable tips and warnings. The line in the cross reference file for this example was:


Notice that we used the =SF= tag to make sure that no shipping charge was added for these soft delivery items.

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